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Past Events 

Beach Clean Up:

On June 6th 2021 we hosted a beach clean up in collaboration with the Blue & Green Diamond condominium, and Miami Water Keeper.  We collected 30+ pounds of trash, and am so happy to have helped our earth be cleaner even if it is 30+ pounds at a time.  Since our theme in June was to help our local oceans and environment, we were very happy with our turn out and hope to do to again next year!


An image from our beach clean up of our registration tent, and some of our participates coming back with collected trash

       Holiday Toy Drive: 

Throughout the month of December our theme was collecting toys for under privileged children, and partnered with Toys for Tots, Nicklaus Children's Hospital, and the Miami Beach Ritz Carlton Residences to make this drive happen.  We collected over 25 unopened and unwrapped toys where half went to Toys for Tots and the other half went to Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Blessing Bag collection: 

In November of 2020 Miracle Design partnered with Chapman of Miami and the Miami Beach Ritz Carlton Residences to put on the blessing bag collection event.  We collected over 350 items to put into 65 bags total given out to those staying at Chapman.  Chapman gives those out on the street a chance to live in their community where each of them is given mini homes.

IMG_3391 2.JPG
OneBlood Blood & Plasma Drive: 

On September 21, 2020 Miracle Design did a collaboration with OneBlood and hosted a blood, COVID19 plasma, and platelets drive when blood banks were very low.  We had 25+ pints of blood, plasma, & platelets collected, that were used at Miami's local hospitals.  Before the COVID-19 vaccine COVID-19 antibody plasma was the most effective medical procedure to fight off COVID.  Through our donations we saved lives and continue to do that each year. 

Blood Test
Holiday Bake Off:

In the beginning of 2020 we hosted a Holiday Bake Off raising funds for medical supplies for those with Muscular Dystrophy (MD).  With help of our three amazing Sponsors: The Real Food Academy, The FREEZE Ice Cream factory, and our partners the Junior Orange Bowl and Youth Ambassadors we raised over $800 for our cause.  We had different activities, snacks, and of course a competition where we awarded the best baker!

3299-JrOB19-20-BakeOff-TeeKay-Holiday Bake Off_TEK8100.JPG
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