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                                  "Miracle Design is an organization for all.  
                                  We help all types of charities, people, and
                                  causes by designing one miracle at a time."
                                                                                                       - Aubrey Rosenhaus,
                                                                                                         founder & CEO of
                                                                                                         Miracle Design


Said by our founder, Miracle Design is a foundation truly for all.  Each month we put together a drive, event, or workshop geared to help, raise money, or support different causes in our local community in need at that time.  We were established in 2017 and have been working very hard to get where we are now.  We have raised over $1000 in donations, put together over 5 events helping different causes, and have done a variety of drives, bake offs, clean ups, and more!  With your help and the help of others our goal of designing miracles for all is being accomplished.

Miracle Design photos

“In 2020, I was asked by Aubrey Rosenhaus, the founder of Miracle Design Foundation, to participate in a local blood drive and I accepted. The event was managed so professionally and efficiently, that I was in and out in no time at all.  Furthermore, Aubrey was there from start to finish to personally see to it that everyone was made to feel welcome and treated with care. I’m a big fan of what Miracle Design has done in the community and I plan on being a big supporter in its future events.”

Robert Bailey, retired three time Super Bowl champion

Miracle Design is an amazing charity!  They do a phenomenal job of helping their local community and many people in it.  I was blown away from their Holiday Bake Off event!

Drew Rosenhaus, NFL agent & President of RSR

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our work, becoming a partner, or just wanted to tell us something in general, let is know by submitting down below!

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3921 Alton Rd, #175 Miami Beach FL, 33140

 ​​Tel: 786 - 498 - 9873

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